Unitrends Free Edition and Free ESXi – it’s official.  Unitrends takes great pride in being an industry innovator and creating products that enhance the customer value of VMware ESX, ESXi, and ESXi Free. Today, we’re thrilled to announce free protection for free ESXi.

Download Unitrends Enterprise Backup Free Edition now
Solution Highlights:

  • Unitrends Enterprise Backup can be deployed as a virtual appliance upon the entire family of VMware ESX, ESXi and now ESXi Free; protect virtual AND physical environments, and have truly heterogeneous protection (100+ versions of operating systems and applications)
  • Seamless and granular support at both the virtual host level and guest level for operating systems and applications with respect to backup, archiving, replication and virtualization failover.
  • Fully functioning enterprise solution that includes automated scheduling, instant recovery, global deduplication, archiving, and much more.
  • Solution Brief: VMware Infrastructure with Unitrends Enterprise Backup.

Ready to ditch your manual ad hoc backups?

Download Unitrends Enterprise Backup Free Edition now